• All natural elements are sourced from certified Australian suppliers and the product is made in Australia. Bio Dough is naturally preserved for kids to enjoy with peace of mind for parents and teachers.
  • Bio Dough is made of organic food grade ingredients (Non Toxic) Available in 9 gorgeous colors and scents using food grade colors and fragrance. Toddler clay stimulates kids' visual, tactile and olfactory senses. Perfect for kids arts and crafts.
  • Bio Dough is very malleable and easily mixable and, it also has a VERY unique feature... It is REHYDRATABLE! :) This natural dough allows endless colour and smell combinations. It goes together with any playdough sets for kids or playdoh set.
  • Our Rainbow in a Bag contains - 9 x 4.4oz colors - 39.7oz of assorted natural clay for toddlers. 9 bright and fun colors and yummy scents! It's aroma dough! White - Coconut, Pink - Fairy Floss, Red - Strawberry, Orange - Orange, Yellow - Pineapple, Green - Lime, Blue - Blueberry, Purple - Lavender , Black - Blackberry.
  • Free from common ALLERGENS. Bio DoUgh does not contain, peanuts and tree nuts, soy, dairy, casein or egg. This isn't just nontoxic playdough... This is imagination, sensory goodness, inspirational colors and gorgeous scents. It's play at it's best, naturally. CONTAINS: WHEAT & SALT. (Gluten Free Version Coming Soon)

Bio DoUgh Natural Modeling Dough - Australian Hand Made Playdough for Kids

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