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  • Wicker wall basket in GRAY color with soft acrylic pompoms (Ivory & Blue) attached by the strings.
  • It is made of the highest quality wicker coming only from our region (Southern Poland). The basket is very practical and decorative at the same time. It has a strong wicker handle and the flat back so it is very easy to hang it on the wall.
  • You can put inside many things and it is also a perfect toys storage place :)
  • Dimensions: Height with Handle 12". Height Back 9.5". Height Front 6.7". Width Top 7.9". Width Bottom 6.1". Length Top 6.7". Length Bottom 4.9".
  • Beautiful and versatile rattan storage basket. Natural elegant design with handle to hang on any wall. Can be installed in the baby room, kitchen, bathroom, living room to store any small objects and even flower baskets.


Amazing hand made wicker basket for storage and decor. This small basket is perfect for a nursery. It's small enough to hang more than one basket on your wall. Fits o